Deeper Goals Mastermind


Through the shared power of this group, commit to that thing you've been avoiding - that thing that scares you - and become the person who can realize the success you have seen for yourself. All year, we will support you in your transformation. You will learn to minimize the impact of external factors on your success and happiness, to clear any resistance you have to success, and empower you to work through the unexpected that comes across your path. 

  • Monthly one hour group call
  • Get paired with an accountability partner
  • A one hour, 1-on-1 coaching call every 3-months
  • Access to a private veza-moderated facebook group with resources to support your journaling activities in the “New Year, Deeper Goals” e-book and providing accountability for achieving what you want to manifest during the year.


According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), you are 65% more likely to achieve a goal if you commit to someone else and 95% more likely to succeed if you have an accountability structure in place with a specific person. 

veza's Deeper Goals circle is founded on these principles. Our monthly facilitated calls are regular touch points with the whole group that help each member feed off each others' momentum and gain new insights from each others' experiences. We provide you and your accountability partner with questions to continually push one another to keep growing, as well as spot each others' patterns and unique strengths to provide better mutual support. The program is here to set you up for success on every level.

Four one-hour 1:1 Coaching Calls

The benefits of coaching are:

  • Increased awareness of limiting blocks
  • Clarity of vision
  • Reduction of overwhelm
  • Increased productivity
  • Safe space to gain new perspectives
  • Support for improving skills
  • Mirror to support your growth
  • Establish and act towards your goal
  • Deeper place for learning and growth


The community support through the private Facebook Group will allow you to engage with other participants, ask coaching questions and receive support within the group, cheer each other on for the wins and support each other during the hard times. 

Your Best Self is calling you. Set your deeper goals.

You can create the year that you have been dreaming and wishing for. Now is the time. 


veza success stories

• A struggling Life Coach went from earning a minimum wage to running a six-figure coaching business in 12 months • A PhD graduate with unstable relationships at home and an unfulfilling part-time position landed a full-time role at a university, while healing her relationship with her partner and step-children. • An unsatisfied stay-at-home wife became the COO of a new company she founded with her partner. • A frustrated Financial Consultant who was always passed over for promotions made her successful transition to a new firm. One where she is fully respected and valued, and finally earning a 6-figure salary. • A newly self-employed consultant refined her value proposition and growth strategy to earn $9,000/month only 3-months after launching her business. 

Deeper Goals Mastermind 

Your Deeper Goals Mastermind monthly payment plan is $79 - a tremendous value for what you are receiving. If you would like to pay in full off the bat, you can get the same program for one payment of $800 (giving you a savings of $148!), please email

PS: Try it out for a month! We stand behind our work. If the program does not meet your expectations after the first 30 days, we are happy to offer you a refund. 

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